The school for hippies

Saturday, November 7, 2009

I now spend my days with the worlds soon to be hippies. . .they don't walk in lines they move in herds. My university moved me to a charter school … into a multiaged classroom. Multiage is not like a combo classroom, which is set up out of necessity to keep up numbers in schools. It is an opportunity to have students of several ages and levels together to create leveled learning. Kate and Anthony work as team teachers to 40 students. So now I get to be apart of their team! Within the first two weeks I encountered a LICE scare! Ok so first of all I didn't even know that ppl had lice anymore! Let alone normal clean kids. When I found out I suddenly felt like my scalp was itchy and it wasn't cause it was dirty! Needless to say I came home and washed my hair 3 times. And wore it in a bun for a week. Funny story one of my kids is within the autism spectrum and is obsessed with trash trucks. Now if you know anything about autism this isn't exactly odd. This obsession goes down to the tiniest details I mean he knows what trash trucks pick up what types of dumpsters…what the beeps mean…he even has the schedule memorized aka thursdays he must be home right after school to see the trash truck. One day at school we were outside having a field day called Measurement Olympics little trash truck boy was outside throwing paper frisbees when a trash truck pulled into the back lot. Inside I am panicking I mean hello this kid is like frozen mid frisbee toss eyes locked on the trash truck. I yell bob bob stop bob look at me! My teacher just says bob go look at the trash truck ashley take him. Best idea ever he was immediately relaxed and took off for the trash truck. My reward was a 15 minute analysis of the trash truck. Needless to say he is quickly becoming one of my favorite students.

Ms. Roeder

Sunday, September 27, 2009

So since my last post I started teaching Kindergarten at Ocean Beach Elementary School. I am only a student teacher so its not a permanent position but I already love it! With a some what rocky start we are now in full swing. . .kids pee peeing their pants and barfing in buckets is now going on my list of qualifications on my resume. Within the first two days of school there were 3 "accidents" aka kids wet their pants b/c they were too scared to ask to go to the bathroom, my teacher would be intimidating to 5 year olds. Then the first time I have sole control of the class one kid decides to get sick thankfully I multitasked the situation and found him a nice trash can. I love my kids they are the best group ever. . .we have several english language learners which all present a unique challenge needless to say my 4 plus years of spanish are coming in handy aka I can manage 2 word phrases and hand gestures. One student said on the first day "this is kinda boring . . just a little bit" this was after he asked "Can I go home now?" I knew it was going to be a long year for him lol. Well I got some lesson plans to write but that is basically the day in the life of Ms. Roeder, for the most part ;)

Summer Family Time

Monday, June 1, 2009

My family came out to CALI for my brother's graduation from USC  and it was so fun!   We spent a week in La Jolla.  We found out over 200 sea lions live there, no way!  Before my family came my friend Leah came to visit which was just what I needed to relax after a BUSY semester.  We spent the week in LA shopping and chilling, what I do best.  My plans for the summer include a visit back east, when I am not sure yet, the RICA test (another state test for my teaching credential), my friends Anna and Tanner's baby girl's birth, and passing some summer classses. . .yuck.  Student teaching starts in September which I am so excited for! Here are some picture up dates! 
Padres Game April 2009  

USC Graduation May 2009

Moonlight Beach

Sunday, February 22, 2009

These are a few pictures from California.  The ones of the beach are Moonlight beach which is only about 2 miles from my apartment, which yes is amazing. I don't have any of my apartment yet I am waiting until I set up my room so don't worry I will get some soon! Living with my good friend Katie has been so fun.  We have been friends since high school, so she is a bestie.  School is going really well, its starting to get a little crazy but I am loving it! I work in a 1st grade classroom in La Jolla with Mrs. Rice and  her cute little class! And then over at Carson with Mrs. Miller and her fourth graders.  All the kids are awesome, I even got to go to the symphony with the 4th graders this week.  Some of the kids fell asleep but I think they had a lot of fun. 

East coast to West coast

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I made it to california last tuesday stayed with my bro up in LA and this week I have been busy starting school which I love! The classes so far have been amazing! One more tonight then I am finished for the weekend.  We are setting up our school observation hours so I will spending lots of time in the elementary school, which will be really cool and great experience! My apartment is so cute and I love it! Encinitas is where I live and its great . . .a mile away is everything you could think of needing which is awesome! And school is a bit further away but still its not to bad a drive I get to pass the SD Temple every day so that is pretty cool cause its beautiful! I am going to post pictures up with this soon but this is just a quick up date on my life. Its going great so far! 

Christmas 2008

Sunday, January 11, 2009

So Christmas and New Years are over already it was so great being home with the family and especially great to have some of my really close friends up in Jersey(Ash, Jess, and Anna)! My parents got me some great gifts, a new GPS which will be a big help in San Diego and some cute hoops ( i love hoops!). I got to go to philly plenty of times which was so nice I love that city. . .so many fun memories and just a fun one of a kind place! I am almost completely ready for my big move my car is already on its way to California and I am bound on the 20th of this month! I can't believe it! I am also very excited/ completely nervous to start school in a few weeks! Oh big news my friend Anna is having a baby so I am the closest I have ever been to being an Aunt and probably as close as I will get for awhile so yay for being an Auntie!! 


Christmas Day, my brother and sisters! 

   Me, Anna, Ashlie, and Jess. 
South Street before having Jims! 

Ok so new twist

Sunday, January 4, 2009

So basically i am about to begin a totally new chapter in my life. So i am going to kind of re-vamp the blog page don't worry i will still be adding my little stories in there but I am going to try and make it so people can keep up with whats going on in my life and where and I am what I am doing so there will soon be pictures on my blog! So keep an eye out for my new and improved blog! 
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